has a 50 year history of neglect. RADON, ASBESTOS and MOLD are concerns here.

The house had a history of more than 20 cats and dogs.
At one point there was 10 cats and dogs in the house.
The last occupants had 3 pit bulls and a husky and
they left the furniture in this picture because they said it was
too dirty to take to their new house.

There was a time when EVERY carpet in the house squished from the dog urine
when you found a place to step between the dog crap that was left to

There was multiple cat litter boxes left over flowing on
all levels of the house for years.
ALL of the carpets were removed 3 years ago and all of the rotting
floor boards were attempted to be repaired but that never really happened.
The lenolium flooring never helped the smell.
It smells like a barn when the temperature warms up.
The back door off the kitchen has been left open for years in attempt to
freshen the air inside the house.

The entire house got black mold in summer.. 2018.. buckling the paneling.

The electrical system has been updated where needed but there still is
KNOB and TUBE wiring and there have been a few electrical fires.

The original heat system was coal which was replaced with oil then gas
but the original 90 years of burning coal left black soot behind every
plaster lath wall and floorboard.... which blows up through floorboard gaps.

Noting there is not a shread of insulation in this house inside walls
so the brand new gas heat system runs constantly and is not efficient.
The two liens on the house are the $42,000 the dead old lady borrowed and the $4,500 OHL OIL bill.
The new gas furnace is connected to the 50 year old asbestos wrapped pipes.... feeding 3 floors of cast iron radiators.

Noting that back in 1906 when this house was first built there was
a huge coal stoker in the basement that used hot air rising to heat the
house so that vent system was tin wrapped in sheet asbestos.
When radiators were installed ....they were all fed with asbestos wrapped steam pipes.

All of the external brick walls have a 3 inch air gap ...from the basement to the roof.
This air gap is how the brick condensation would be driven away by the rising heat.
with the invention of radiator heat there is no longer that warm air in
between the plaster living space walls and the cold brick walls.....
so there is no keeping the living space warm without constant heating...and heat loss.
Since the basement no longer has a massive coal stoker or oil burner ...
the temperature drops below freezing and the fresh water line and the soil pipe have frozen.....
backing up the raw sewage before bursting the soil pipe.

So if you want to buy this house you may want to consider adding insulation and
rebuilding the basement where plumbing is located too close to outside air.
Feable attempts have been made to remedy these problems but they are not
even close to a viable solution.
There is ground water leaking into the basement where the foundation wall meets the crawl space under the kitchen
which is a fuzzy mold problem.

The front door and the back doors have been kicked in multiple times.
Both shattered door frames need to be completely replaced.

The basement door is completely ripped off the shattered door frame at the hinges so
it is just left wide open for years with the basement air flowing up and through the rest of the house.
These 100 year old houses have wet stone foundation walls and partial dirt floors and 100 years of coal dust
and asbestos and mold and radon gas floating in the basement so it would be best to seal up the basement toxicity from traveling
into the living space of the house.

The asbestos has been ripped off the water pipes by mice and has been airborne for no less than 2 years
blowing freely througout the whole house since the basement door was left open to the first floor kitchen.

There are 3 bedrooms on the second floor and one bedroom on the attic 3rd floor. There are also storage areas in the attic. Not really bedrooms.
Animals ripped open the plaster lath ceiling which collapsed the ceiling tiles in the second floor middle bedroom...recently.

The "master" bedroom had a roofing leak that destroyed the plaster lath ceiling.
The roof leak was repaired.
The bedroom ceiling was not repaired..... which has 8 feet of open attic air above it.
Ceiling tiles were replaced in that bedroom but the attic air...15 degree attic air... just pumps right into the bedroom through the gaping holes in the plaster lath.
Attempts were made to keep heat in this bedroom by packing fiberglass insulation between the ceiling tiles and the plaster lath ceiling.

So a stiff wind will create more airborne fiberglass particles in the bedroom.

The bathroom needs to be completly gutted and rebuilt.
The bathroom plumbing leaks and the ceiling collapsed under it into the kitchen.

You can see clear through the floor all the way to the ceiling of the bathroom through the holes in the bathroom floor.
Attempts were made to mask this bathroom problem by replacing the ceiling tiles in the kitchen.
Any attempt to mask the water damage by replacing kitchen cabinets or ceiling tiles will be ruined once
the water is turned on and the bathroom fixtures stay wet.

The kitchen was home to cat litter boxes for 20 years. The walls are ruined.
When the cats were evicted 3 years ago when the pit bulls arrived.... the mice took over the kitchen cabinets.
The kitchen plumbing leaks into the crawl space below.

Every window needs to be replaced. Half the windows were broken...some are plastic... some are boarded up.

The windows that are modern have no insulation around them.
What really needs attention with the windows is that the original windows had counter weights and pulleys so there is still a huge gap of cold outside air around the perimeter of the 5 foot tall windows.... which leaks inside.

The house was occupied by vagrants.... with no running water... so you may find human waste hidden around the house.

The roof eves have been ripped apart by birds nesting.
The holes are under the eves so there is no water leaking in from the roof
which is another reason it has not been fixed. No leak... no immediate need to fix it.
This is a real problem because it leaves gaping holes that is where birds, wasps, and
critters get in and overun the whole house..... because there is no seal between inside
spaces and the outside world since ALL the internal doors are removed or ripped off their hinges and
the plaster walls and ceilings have huge holes in them.
Birds and wasps were frequently seen in the house by the last owners.

Note that we do have mice and rats and stray cats eating them.
Note also that this is not a place to take our wild life lightly.
We are right on the edge of Bear Mountain and a stone's throw from the river.
So bears waltz up here anytime they want.
We have to call the police when bears eat our trash and
we have skunks so you can not have a "doggie door" or you will get skunks.

If you enter the house in the summer you should be prepared to fend off wasps.
They have been seen on all floors of the house and have nothing stopping them from nesting
inside the house for years.

This house is toxic. Do not enter without an asbestos worthy dust mask.
04/25/2018 a realtor and a contractor could not stay and talk in the kitchen because
the air quality was so bad from the basement air choking them.
That kitchen has fresh air pumping in from broken windows and doors and not just the
broken basement door.